How to Find an Immigration Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell is able to facilitate the timely resolution of corporate, civil and family issues through Mediation; reducing or eliminating the costs, stress and risks of litigation.


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Mediation is an informal and confidential way for adverse parties to resolve disputes. With the help of a neutral mediator, The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell can help you facilitate an open conversation with the other party; reach a common understanding; and a mutual agreement without the need of litigation.

Throughout the US and world, the relatively informal and timely mediation process has become an increasingly used alternative to relatively costly, stressful, risky along with formal litigation. When both parties are open to the process, agreements are typically reached quicker with less collective expense..  Also immigration is almost always a less adversarial and risky process than formal litigation, which enables parties to work on moving forward after as opposed to being trapped in very expensive lengthy as well as adversarial litigation proceedings

Our fees for services are $260 an hour plus expenses with a two-hour minimum required for the law itself.  Also please note to be upfront depending on the complexity of and detailed fact pattern involved in the matter preparation may be required for optimum facilitation.  If you have a issue that you believe might be appropriate for mediation or would like more information about the process, please contact The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell.