The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell has successfully assisted immigration clients from all fifty states and over 70 countries on six continents.


The United States is and will always be a nation of immigrants.

Adam Edward Rothwell has practiced immigration law continuously since 2001.  He has successfully assisted over 2000 business, family and asylum clients from across the globe.  Adam Edward Rothwell has previously received an Honourable Mention from the MD Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs for his work related to immigration.  Also he has written many articles related to US Immigration, and his book on US Immigration spent multiple weeks as the best seller on immigration related matters on  Additionally, The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell was one of the only law firms cited in the 2012 US Selective Service Report to Congress for national outreach assistance.  

The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell has achieved many successes for clients in immigration including but not limited to:

  • Approval for business visas and status across work-related categories
  • Contested green card issues in both business and family related matters
  • Cancellation of removal and relief
  • Asylum for clients from diverse countries and circumstances
  • Naturalization matters requiring waivers and exceptions based on residency and medical grounds
  • Green cards based on extraordinary ability for clients in many different circumstances
  • Family related immigration matters with customary divorce / no legal registration
  • Fiance visas with complex issues such as no physical meeting between parties
  • Immigration Compliance issues and audit assistance for corporate clients
  • Permanent residency for clients with criminal backgrounds
  • Expert witness services related to immigration law matters
  • US Immigration assistance for members of the US Military
  • Reinstatement and extreme hardship issues for foreign students in the US
  • Bars to US entry 
  • Exchange visa plans and program consultation development


Please contact The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell at or 410-662-8555 to schedule a phone, in-person or Skype consultation.  The firm offers 45 minute consultations for $200 during traditional business hours (9:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Starndard Time) and for $300 outside traditional business hours. The firm regularly holds consultations by phone or Skype with clients overseas after 9pm Eastern Standard Time (the same time as New York City) with clients overseas based on convenient times for individuals overseas.  

Consultations may be paid by credit card or bank transfer, and consultation fees are deductile from future legal representation requested within one month of the consultation.