The Need for Corporate Compliance

The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell has the business and legal experience to make sure you are protected in many areas of business compliance including:

  • Immigration Audits
  • Proactive Immigration and I-9 file Assurance
  • Corporate Compliance with Corporate Formalities (laws revolving around business structuring)
  • Laws Revolving Around Your Companies Policies and Procedures
  • Employment and Labor Laws


Being proactive on compliance provides substantial long-term value

The best plans in corporate and organizational operations are too often temporarily and permanently sidetracked by legal compliance issues.  Without a lawyer, you may not even be aware that a particular law affects your business, until someone complains that you are violating the law.  Also if your business has sponsored foreign workers, the US federal government now affirmatively audits thousands of corporate immigration petitioners every years.  As a business owner, you will need to comply with laws on everything from zoning, to business filings, to employment practices.

Businesses find themselves facing lawsuits every day in America.  The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell provides legal compliance services to protect business and organizations from litigation and bureaucratic messes. The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell is able to help assist and save your company resources, stress and time.

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