5 Reasons why the executive action is a little low on action

1) Foreign citizens without either US Citizen children or children with green cards are completely left out
I have many clients who have been in the US without status as law-abiding individual for years who will not benefit at all from the executive action.
Immediately after the executive action, rumors started going around, and many foreign citizens incorrectly thought they would benefit from the executive action. As an example, I had a consultation the day after the executive action announcement with a foreign citizen who has resided in the US without status for well over 20 years, and I had to tell the individual no benefit was available. Also it has been my experience that whenever immigration benefits are provided based on blood, there are substantial numbers of foreign citizens who receive benefits with no connection other than blood. Meaning occasionally foreign citizens receive US immigration benefits from qualifying blood relatives who they virtually never see or speak to. The executive action does not require showing actual proof of support or an ongoing relationship, other than blood relationship.

2) Travel authorization is not available to foreign citizens who are able to qualify for work authorization the executive action
Being able to travel overseas is life changing for many foreign citizens in the US. Some foreign citizens need to travel overseas for business, but most foreign citizens need to travel overseas for family. I have had foreign citizens tell me they don’t need travel authorization only to be practically in tears over not having travel authorization even just several weeks later. I tell my clients that, when it comes to overseas travel authorization, as awful as it sounds you just never know when your loves ones overseas are going to get sick.

3) The executive action will likely be the end of comprehensive immigration reform.
Most Americans will view the executive action to be immigration reform. Americans are smart people, but there are an endless number of topics for Americans to have knowledge and opinions on. So most Americans and will consider immigration reform to be done and for Congress to focus its efforts elsewhere.

4) There are very limited improvements for business immigration.

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